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2020 Akira Nakamura Award Winners: Congratulations to the winners


The AAPA Award Committee (composed of all members of the Board of Directors) chose the following presenters for the 2020 Akira Nakamura Award at the 2020 AAPA Annual Conference in Shanghai, China.

The Akira Nakamura Award is the best paper award in the AAPA Annual Conference.  

They are as follows:

1.For Students:

Title: How Internet + Technology Adoption Affects the Capability of Urban Service Delivery An Empirical Study of China

Authors: Xuesong Li, Yunlong Ding

Title: Impact of National Transfers on Improving Public Service Quality in Provinces of Vietnam 

Authors: Nga Le, Hai Guo

2.For Scholars:

Title: Agricultural Glocalization: System Development of Market Mobile Application for Sustainable Local Industry in the Philippines

Authors: Analiza V. Muñoz, Jhucelle Rose C. Estioco, Jay Russel Z. Zapanta, Johnric P. Delos Reyes

Title: Regime Shift from Economic Growth to Sustainable Development in China: Political Turnover of Provincial Leaders

Authors: Pan Zhang, Huan Wang

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