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I.The Asian Association for Public Administration (AAPA) was established to expand and improve research and academic exchange on public administration and management in the Asian region. AAPA will keep friendly rapport with other organizations involved in public administration in the Asian region and beyond.
II.To meet these objectives, the Association holds conferences and symposia on an annual basis in one of the locations in the area. The times, locations and hosts of the meeting are discussed and determined by the general meeting organized at the end of the annual conference.
III.AAPA is made up of individual members only. The Secretary General described below shall keep the list of incumbent members of the organization. New memberships must be approved of by both the general meeting and the Board of Directors subsequently mentioned.
IV.AAPA has a President and three Vice Presidents, in addition to a Secretary General, a Treasurer and a Coordinator of the AAPA Young Scholars Forum. They are selected every second year among the members of the organization at the general meeting of the Association. These officials make up a Board of Directors. They may serve for two years with a possibility of reelection, but not more than two consecutive terms.
V.The Board of Directors proposes to the general meeting of the site, time and theme of each Asian Association for Public Administration conference. AAPA is held every year preferably at the beginning of each calendar year. This may fluctuate, however, due to specific conditions of the host institution of the conference.
VI.AAPA shall collect membership and conference registration fees from the participants of the annual meeting. The method of collection and any other matters related to the fees are provided in a separate document.
VII.Study groups may be formed with at least a handful of scholars or practitioners in order to study together a specific topic in the field of public administration and policy. National chapters and study groups may be formed in line with AAPA charter and objectives. Members of the Association in each country shall establish a national chapter whose aim shall be to promote the objectives of the Association at the national level.
Asian Association for Public Administration (AAPA) 아시아행정학회(亞細亞行政學會)

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